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Chromatin organization plays a key role in gene regulation. Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) for complex diseases most often implicate variants in non-coding parts of the genome. Simply assuming that disease-associated enhancers affect nearby genes turns out to be wrong nearly half the time1-4. To decipher the mechanisms of disease, you need to identify the long-range interactions between regulatory elements.

One-dimensional (1D) epigenomic methods like ChIP-seq or ATAC-seq only give you part of the picture. HiChIP provides the complementary data needed to put 1D data in proper context. The Arima-HiChIP protocol consolidates ChIP-seq and Hi-C into one targeted assay to offer high-resolution 3D contact maps of active enhancers and their target genes.

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Arima-HiChIP protocol uncovers cell-type specific loops associated with active promoters

Reproducible discovery of active gene regulatory chromatin loops.
Chromatin looping reproducibility analysis in our H3K27 and H3K4me3 Arima-HiChIP data. The pie charts the total number of loops from one replicate that were identified (marked as "common") or not identified (marked as "differential") in the other replicate.


Developed & Optimized by chromatin conformation experts

 The Arima-HiChIP protocol is the gold-standard method developed by the pioneers in chromatin conformation capture assays. This streamlined HiChIP protocol shows proven performance for accuracy and reliability—validated by multiple customers and external collaborators.

Out multi-restriction-enzyme-based kit offers reproducibility with the genome coverage needed for high-quality data. We provide technical support throughout your experiment, including data analysis and visualization. Leading open-source bioinformatics tools like FitHiChIP and an optimized MAPS pipeline sort out the noise to find true chromatin connections.


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Accurate and cost-effective discovery of active gene regulatory interactions

The Arima-HiChIP protocol is a reproducible and simplified protocol for identifying long-range genomic contacts mediated by proteins. HiChIP combines Hi-C and chromatin immunoprecipitation with antibodies against a protein of interest to enrich for interactions mediated by this protein. As a targeted approach, HiChIP requires less sequencing compared to Hi-C. The Arima-HiChIP assay targets H3K27ac or H3K4me using Arima-validated antibodies, which are specific for interactions linking active regulatory domains.

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The Arima-HiChIP protocol streamlines HiChIP to a robust and reproducible 2-day workflow.

To facilitate broad and easy access to powerful HiChIP technology, we developed an easy-to-use and reproducible Arima-HiChIP-enabled kit that streamlines the HiChIP protocol via a 2-day workflow and is optimized for efficient capture of chromatin looping (3D) and ChIP enrichment (1D) data.


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