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Accurate and cost-effective discovery of active gene regulatory interactions

The Arima-HiChIP protocol is a reproducible and simplified protocol for identifying long-range genomic contacts mediated by proteins. HiChIP combines Hi-C and chromatin immunoprecipitation with antibodies against a protein of interest to enrich for interactions mediated by this protein. As a targeted approach HiChIP has the advantage of requiring less sequencing compared to Hi-C. Whereas Hi-C can potentially detect all types of chromatin interactions, Arima HiChIP targeting H3K27ac or H3K4me, using Arima validated antibodies, is specific for interactions linking active regulatory domains.

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The Arima-HiChIP protocol streamlines HiChIP to a robust and reproducible 2-day workflow

To facilitate broad and easy access to powerful HiChIP technology, we developed an easy-to-use and reproducible Arima-HiChIP enabled kit that streamlines the HiChIP protocol via a 2-day workflow and is optimized for efficient capture of chromatin looping (3D) and ChIP enrichment (1D) data.


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