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Interactive Tables and Figures

From QC metrics to heatmaps, all available through an online, user-friendly platform

Compatible with Arima Kits

Designed exclusively for Arima customers, ensuring seamless integration with Arima kits

Simplified Analysis Journey

Paving the way for non-computational researchers to effortlessly navigate through genomic data

Arima Bioinformatics Platform

The Arima Bioinformatics Platform is an online, user friendly platform designed for the analysis of Hi-C data. Currently, there are two pipelines on the platform: a QC pipeline for shallow-seq SV Hi-C data, and the Arima SV pipeline for structural variant detection.

Go from FASTQ to an interactive analysis report with an interface designed for bench scientists

Interact with tables and figures directly in the report, or download them for further analysis or publication

See FAQ and get support through the Help Center

What is Generated in the SV Analysis Report?

Quality Scores

The Quality Scores graph represents the accuracy of the base calls in your sequencing data.



The alignment plot shows the percentage of reads that are uniquely aligned, multiple aligned, and unaligned to the reference genome.

Structural Variants Table and Circos

View the list of SVs detected in your sample, and see them visually represented in an interactive circos plot.



Visualize your SV calls through an interactive heatmap

Genome Browser

Explore your data further through the interactive IGV browser

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