ENCODE 2019: Research Applications and Users Meeting

Date: July 8-10, 2019
Event Location: Bell Harbor International Converence Center, Seattle, WA
Description: Arima Genomics will be at ENCODE 2019. See you there!

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Dynamics of Epigenetic Regulation: Mechanisms and Beyond

Date: July 20-21, 2019
Event Location: Holderness School, 33 Chapel Lane, Holderness, NH, US
Description: The Gordon Research Seminar on Epigenetics is a unique forum for graduate students, postdocs, and other junior scientists to present and exchange new data and cutting-edge ideas. The focus of this meeting is on recent advances in our understanding of the dynamic nature of epigenetic regulatory mechanisms across phyla. In particular, we will focus on how epigenetic alterations can influence phenotypic plasticity, development, reprogramming, and transgenerational inheritance.

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Epigenetic Mechanisms Across Scales: From Molecules to Environment and Evolution

Date: July 21-26, 2019
Event Location: Holderness School, 33 Chapel Lane, Holderness, NH, US
Description: The epigenetics field stands on a strong foundation based on analysis of deviations from genetic rules. In recent years, we have witnessed an ever-growing interest in the mechanisms underlying epigenetic phenomena, along with novel approaches to study them. At our 2019 GRC on Epigenetics, we will cover fundamental aspects of epigenetic memory and inheritance, genome evolution, and the regulatory impact of repetitive elements, as well as our current understanding of the principles of nuclear organization and gene regulation. These topics will include environmental influences and novel biophysical and quantitative approaches, and will feature different model systems and experimental strategies.

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The Hematologic Malignancies Conference

Date: July 28-August 2, 2019
Event Location: Base Village Conference Center, 110 Carriage Way, Snowmass Village, CO 81615 USA
Description: This FASEB Science Research Conference (SRC) has been held every two years since 1995 and remains one of the best-attended and highly regarded focused meetings in the basic biology and therapeutic targeting of these tumors.
This conference brings together biochemists, geneticists, molecular biologists, and clinicians interested in the pathophysiology of leukemias and lymphomas, and the development of novel therapies for these diseases.
The main themes of this conference are the molecular pathogenesis of hematologic malignancies and molecularly targeted cancer therapy.

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Penn State Summer Symposium in Molecular Biology: Chromatin and Epigenetic Regulation of Chromatin

Date: July 30 – August 2, 2019
Event Location: The Pennsylvania State University, University Park Campus
Description: Arima Genomics is proud to support Penn State’s 38th Summer Symposium in Molecular Biology See you there!

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The Reversible Protein Acetylation in Health and Disease Conference

Date: August 4-9, 2019
Event Location: Lisbon Marriott Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal
Description: Launched in 2007, this FASEB Science Research Conference (SRC) is the only scientific meeting of its kind dedicated to exploring protein acetylation from basic to clinical applications.

This conference will bring together a diverse group of scientists from academics and industry who study the biochemistry, structural biology, cellular mechanisms, physiology, and pharmacology of Lys acetylation functions and regulation.

Major themes of this conference are: 1) Explore the structure, functions, mechanisms, and regulation of HDACs, sirtuins, bromodomains, and Lys acetyltransferase; 2) Examine the dysregulation of protein acetylation and acylation in cancer, aging, and other diseases; 3) Develop novel chemical and pharmacological technologies applied to the study of protein acetylation.

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The Eukaryotic Genome in 4 Dimensions: Integrative Approaches to Bridging Genotype and Phenotype

Date: August 4-9, 2019
Event Location:The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Description: The rules that dictate spatial and temporal organization of genomes are rapidly being elucidated through advances in the molecular manipulation of genomes, methods to measure proximity and dynamics in the cell nucleus, single cell measurements, microscopic imaging, biophysical principles and computational modeling. This hierarchical organization can be viewed at many scales, all of which are dynamically altered to regulate transcription, replication, genome integrity and the changes in epigenetic states that define different cell types. Increasingly, we find evidence for causal linkages between alterations in 3D genome organization and disease. The 2019 conference on Genome Architecture in Cell Fate and Disease “The Eukaryotic Genome in 4 Dimensions: Integrative Approaches to Bridging Genotype and Phenotype” is the third meeting of its kind and will seek to promote interdisciplinary discussion of the most cutting edge principles in this field, including the latest technologies and concepts, relationships to chromosome function including development, disease, genome integrity and epigenetic inheritance.

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Mechanisms of Eukaryotic Transcription

Date: August 27-31, 2019
Event Location: One Bungtown Road, Cold Spring Harbor, NY
Description: The sixteenth meeting on transcriptional regulation in eukaryotes will be held at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory from Tuesday evening, August 27 to Saturday afternoon, August 31, 2019. The program will consist of both oral and poster presentations. The oral presentations will be by a combination of invited speakers and speakers selected from amongst submitted abstracts.

Creating Chromatin Architecture & Modulating Accessibility of Promoters & Enhancers
Mechanistic Roles of Transcription Factors I (Early Steps)
Mechanistic Roles of Transcription Factors II (Pause Release & Elongation)
The Regulatory Interplay Non-Coding & Coding Transcription & Chromatin Modification
Enhancers, Genome Architecture, and Long-Range Regulatory Interactions in Development
Co-Transcriptional RNA Processing and Termination
Role of Phase Separation in Transcription and its Regulation
New Technologies to Study Transcription Regulation in Cells

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