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Carlsbad, CA/Boston, MA – Arima Genomics, Inc., a company leveraging 3D genomics to reveal actionable insights to empower researchers and clinicians seeking to improve human health, and Pierian now a part of Velsera, the precision engine company which enables the democratization of omic data across clinical and research applications, today announced co-marketing and licensing agreements that will provide enhanced gene fusion detecting capabilities to clinical labs. Under the terms of the agreement, Velsera will integrate Arima Genomics’ targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) testing pipelines into the Pierian Clinical Genomics Workspace (CGW), the leading cloud-based platform that provides clinical labs more streamlined and accurate NGS data analysis, interpretation, and reporting. The combined solution will enable clinical laboratories to more easily implement sample-to-answer Arima gene fusion testing, helping them identify gene fusions and other structural variants.

“Adopting new NGS technologies and instituting new protocols for clinical genomic interpretation and reporting is time-consuming and challenging,” said Chris Roberts, Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy at Arima Genomics. “Partnering with Velsera provides our customers the capability to seamlessly process clinical cases from accessioning to final clinical report using Velsera’s comprehensive workflow and solutions.”

Arima Genomics’ gene fusion tools have shown utility in the identification of actionable gene fusions found in cancer tumors, even among tumors previously classified as driver-negative using other sequencing-based classification methods.  Arima Genomics’ DNA-based gene fusion detection technology, coupled with its bioinformatics software, helps laboratories detect and characterize known and novel gene fusions from NGS libraries, including fusions where the breakpoints are in the intergenic region and thus invisible to RNA-based sequencing methods.

“We look forward to integrating Arima Genomics’ gene fusion detection technology into our Clinical Genomics Workspace platform. This will enable Velsera’s partner laboratories to offer the most comprehensive, clinically relevant results to oncologists,” said Velsera’s Chief Commercial Officer Lindsay Mateo. “Arima’s platform provides a novel approach to gene fusion detection, offering enhanced NGS testing capability to clinical labs seeking a complete solution for their personalized medicine programs.”

Both companies will work together to market and distribute their products and services globally.

About Arima Genomics

Arima Genomics, Inc. is advancing human health and the life sciences by revealing comprehensive genomic insights. Researchers and clinicians use Arima Genomics’ innovative products and services to gain unparalleled access to the three-dimensional (3D) organization of the genome. This advanced technology enables improvements in human health through identification of biomarkers, an expanded understanding of disease mechanisms, development of novel therapeutic approaches, and solutions for patient management. To learn more, visit www.arimagenomics.com and connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

About Pierian, now a part of Velsera

On January 12, 2023, we announced the formation of Velsera. Velsera comprises three global, industry-leading companies in the healthcare and life science industries, Pierian, Seven Bridges, and UgenTec. Velsera’s vision is to provide a continuous flow of knowledge between researchers, scientists, and clinicians around the world, creating insights that radically improve human health. Learn more about Velsera by going to velsera.com.


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Originally published by BusinessWire