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Explore Arima Hi-C Technology

Arima Hi-C is a proximity ligation method that captures the organizational structure of chromatin in three dimensions, where genomic sequences that are distal to each other in linear distance can be closer to each other in the 3D space.

The high-resolution, genome-wide map of interacting genetic loci that is generated from Hi-C data can then be used across multiple genomic applications, including identification of promoter-enhancer interactions for gene regulation studies, detection of structural rearrangements, and scaffolding contigs for genome assemblies to define chromosomes de novo.

Using a 3D genomics approach with Arima Hi-C provides information on both the sequence + structure of the genome.


Discover How Arima Hi-C Technology Can Benefit Your Science


Understand how spatial relationships in genome structure impact gene regulation, cellular development, and disease processes.

Human Health

Accelerate the path to novel biomarkers and therapies with 3D genomic insights into disease mechanisms to improve human health.

Genome Assembly

Construct reference-quality, chromosome-spanning assemblies and phase haplotypes to explore genome function and species evolution.

Learn How Arima Hi-C Technology Works

Our advanced Hi-C technology enables a range of products and applications by providing unparalleled access to the sequence and structure of any genome.

The core of our technology is proximity ligation — whereby nuclear DNA is crosslinked, digested with restriction enzymes, biotin-labeled, and proximity-ligated before sequencing using standard NGS approaches. This lets you capture critical 3D genome organization and long-range genetic information in one assay.

Hi-C Prep

Rapid 6-hour Protocol

Compatible across a wide range of sample types including fresh/frozen tissue, cell lines, and FFPE samples

Library Prep

Pre-validated Library Prep Protocol

Use our standard or low DNA input library prep protocols


Illumina Next Generation Sequencing

Get more from your next generation sequencing data

Data Analysis

Powerful Analysis Tools

Use our open-source tools and pipelines to align and visualize your data

Webinar: Hear More About the Benefits of Arima Hi-C for Your Research

Discover Our Products

Genome-Wide HiC

Explore genome-wide chromatin conformation


Discover dynamic gene regulatory mechanisms

Capture HiC

Capture targeted regions of the genome with high resolution

Promoter Capture HiC

Use our well-established panels to explore gene regulation in humans and mice

High Coverage HiC

Get more from your next generation sequencing data