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What Will You Discover with the Arima Oncology Panel?

Gain comprehensive cancer insights for >1,400 gene targets, including heme-focused, cancer gene census, known actionable cancer targets, and gene fusions.

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Structural Variants and Gene Fusions

Explore structural variants and gene fusions with breakpoint-agnostic gene targeting enabled by dense coverage over exons, and sparse coverage over introns.

Gene Regulatory Elements

Characterize promoter interactions and non-coding regulatory elements that affect cancer genes using probes upstream and
downstream of transcription start sites.

Benefits of the Arima Oncology Panel

The Arima Oncology Panel and workflow provide an optimized and targeted approach to exploring 3D cancer genomics.

Designed in partnership with researchers at top institutions based on our proven Hi-C technology

The cancer panel is optimized for 3D genome analysis of oncology genes and targets

This targeted approach reduces per sample cost and provides greater resolution over target regions

Scalable with the ability to multiplex up to 4 samples per capture reaction

Arima Oncology Panel Workflow

With our easy-to-use workflow, you can rapidly go from sample to discovery across a wide range of sample types, including fresh tissue, FFPE blocks, primary cells, and cell lines.

Sample Prep

Library Prep + Capture


Data Analysis

Two Ways to Get Started with the Arima Oncology Panel

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Bundles include sample prep, library prep, and target capture reagents.

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Let our scientists share their expertise in sample prep, library construction, and bioinformatics.