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Proven Performance

Improve resolution and genome coverage with innovative multiple restriction enzyme chemistry

Save substantial sequencing costs via increased long-range signal

User-Friendly Workflow

Gain research insights quickly with rapid 6 hour automation-friendly protocol and reproducible results

Assure library quality with quantitative and predictive QC steps

Sample Flexibility

Analyze previously inaccessible low-input samples, including FFPE, using robust Arima-HiC chemistry

Maximize sample recovery with single-tube chemistry

Benefits of Genome-Wide HiC

The Arima Genome-Wide HiC+ Kit and workflow is ideal for understanding gene regulation and epigenetic mechanisms.

Identify all structural elements in the genome, including compartments, TADs, and loops

Achieve uniform coverage across >90% of the genome

Utilize a variety of sample types, including plant tissue, cell culture, vertebrate tissue samples, and invertebrates

Visualize 3D Genomic Interactions with Ease

Arima-HiC+ for Genome-Wide Hi-C provides the resolution to identify all aspects of the 3D genome architecture. Learn more about our epigenetics application.

Genome wide HiC_3D Genome Structure_Image

Arima-HiC+ Workflow

With our easy-to-use workflow you can rapidly go from sample to discovery.

Hi-C Prep

Rapid 6-hour Protocol

Compatible with cell lines, primary cells, fresh/frozen tissue and FFPE*

*Arima-HiC+ FFPE kit

Library Prep

Generate High-quality Sequencing Libraries

Arima Library Prep Module for standard and low input


Illumina Next Generation Sequencing

600M reads for genome-wide 5kb loop calls

Data Analysis

Powerful Analysis Built on Open Source Tools

Using the Juicer bioinformatics pipeline for HiC+ read alignment

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