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Accurate and Reproducible Chromosome Conformation Capture

The 3D structure of the genome plays an essential role in gene expression. The arrangement of chromosomal loops brings critical regulatory elements into close proximity, resulting in altered function.

By combining Arima Hi-C proximity ligation with NGS you can reveal high-resolution maps of these chromatin interactions to identify promoter-enhancer interactions, link non-coding disease-associated variants to target promoters, and uncover how perturbations in genome conformation impact gene regulation in disease.

Why Choose Arima Hi-C for Your Research?

Proven performance for greater accuracy of chromatin loop and topological domain detection, even at reduced sequencing depths

Fast and user-friendly workflows to go from sample to discovery using either genome-wide or targeted approaches

Quality you can trust, with built-in QC steps to ensure you get reliable sequencing results every time

Support for a broad range of sample types and an optimized protocol for low sample input

Advance Your Understanding of Gene Regulation

The 3D organization of chromatin is a critical regulator of genome function. ​​Obtain a more complete understanding of gene regulation by utilizing 3D genomic information to uncover the structural framework by which DNA chemical modifications, histone modifications, and chromatin binding proteins cooperate to orchestrate transcriptional regulation.

Arima Epigenetics Mechanism

Uncover Important Epigenetic Mechanisms

Use Arima Hi-C technology to capture long-range chromatin interactions and structures across the genome, including chromatin compartments, topologically associating domains (TADs), and chromatin loops. These structures all play important roles in gene regulation and are integral components to the epigenetic mechanisms that regulate transcription.

Daan Noordermeer

PhD, Group Leader of CNRS Chromatin Dynamics Group
"When we tested Arima-HiC kit in our hands, we consistently got very high-quality libraries. Particularly, the fraction of interchromosomal reads is reduced."

Genome-Wide HiC

Our Arima-HiC+ Kit provides flexible and robust solutions for exploring both genome sequence and 3D structure.

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