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Proven Performance

Use Arima’s proven HiC+ technology to generate high-quality data from clinically relevant samples

Dependable Results

Generate data you can trust, with built-in QC steps to ensure you get reliable sequencing results every time

Increased Discovery Power

Capture more data from FFPE samples to detect structural variants and their impacts on gene regulation

Benefits of Arima-HiC+ FFPE

The Arima-HiC+ FFPE Kit and workflow are ideal for the detection and discovery of structural variants from archival or clinical samples.

Detect both coding and non-coding structural variants

Link structural variants to impacts on gene function

Efficiently generate multiple data types from a single assay

Generate Comprehensive Insights

The Arima-HiC+ FFPE kit provides dependable results from this hard-to-use sample type that are highly correlated with results from fresh-frozen tissue samples. Learn more about our structural genomics application.

Genome wide HiC_3D Genome Structure_Image

FFPE Sample Results are Highly Correlated to Frozen Tissues. Matched frozen and FFPE tissue of K562 cell cultures were processed with the Arima-HiC+ and Arima-HiC+ FFPE kits, respectively. Libraries were generated following Arima protocols and sequenced using Illumina next generation sequencing (57M and 27M reads were generated, respectively). Representative data for Chromosome 2 at 500 Mb are shown in a. Hi-C contact heat map (500Mb resolution) and b. correlation plot of the normalized Hi-C counts per bin for frozen versus FFPE samples showing a high correlation (r=0.987).

Arima-HiC+ FFPE Workflow

With our easy-to-use workflow you can rapidly go from sample to discovery.

Sample Prep

Dewaxing and Arima-HiC prep

Use 5 mm3 of tissue (~5 x 5µm FFPE tissue sections)

Library Prep

Pre-validated Library Prep Protocol

Using the Swift Biosciences Accel-NGS 2S Plus DNA Library Kit


Next Generation Sequencing

2 x 150 paired-end reads from Illumina

Data Analysis

Powerful Analysis Built on Open Source Tools

Using the Arima-SV pipeline for detection of structural variants

Matija Snuderl, MD

Director of Molecular Pathology and Diagnostics, NYU Langone Medical Center
“Using Arima Hi-C technology and the new FFPE sample preparation method and bioinformatics tools we’ve been widely successful in detecting structural variants in a variety of tumor samples. We are hopeful that additional insights gained with this approach will lead to improved understanding of disease mechanisms and, ultimately, the development of new therapeutic options for people with cancer.”

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