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Discover the power of 3D genomics to provide unparalleled access to the sequence, structure, and regulatory landscape of any genome.

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Cancer Genomics

Uncover novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets by exploring the sequence, structure, and regulatory landscape of cancer genomes.

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Human Health

Accelerate the path to novel biomarkers and therapies with 3D genomic insights to characterize disease mechanisms and actionable targets.

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Understand how spatial relationships in genome structure impact gene regulation, cellular development, and disease processes.

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Genome Assembly

Construct reference-quality, chromosome-spanning assemblies and phase haplotypes to explore genome function and species evolution.

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Discover the Arima Genomics Advantages

The most robust Hi-C technology for use across a range of applications

End-to-end to solutions to go from sample to discovery

User-friendly workflows that take as little as 6 hours to complete

Fully integrated with standard library prep protocols for next generation sequencing

Flexible sample requirements including DNA from any organism and low input options

World-class service and support from our dedicated scientists

Discover Our Products

Genome-Wide HiC

Explore genome-wide chromatin conformation


Discover dynamic gene regulatory mechanisms

Custom Capture HiC

Capture targeted regions of the genome with high resolution

Promoter Capture HiC

Use well-established panels to explore gene regulation in humans or mice

Genome Assembly HiC

Get more from your next generation sequencing data

Single Cell Methyl-3C Service

Classify individual cell sub-types

Discover Our Services

Have a project you want to get started? Let our scientists share their expertise in sample prep, library construction, and bioinformatics. We’ll partner with you to go from project idea through interpretation quickly and easily.

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