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AGBT General Meeting
This year, Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) will celebrate 20 years as the preeminent genome science and technology conference where top global researchers, leaders and innovators meet to announce new discoveries, cutting edge breakthroughs and to collaborate. As a recognized cornerstone for the genomics research community, AGBT provides an outstanding forum for exchanging information about the latest advances in DNA sequencing technologies, experimental and analytical approaches for genomic studies, and their myriad appl
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Loop extrusion as a mechanism for DNA Double-Strand Breaks repair foci formation

Coline Arnould, Vincent Rocher, Thomas Clouaire, Pierre Caron, Philippe E Mangeot, Emiliano P. Ricci, Raphael Mourad, Daan No..

Defining the relative and combined contribution of CTCF and CTCFL to genomic regulation

Mayilaadumveettil Nishana, Javier Rodriguez-Hernaez, Caryn Ha, Erica Chio, Elphege P. Nora, Sana B. Badri, Andreas Kloetgen, Benoi..

Six new reference-quality bat genomes illuminate the molecular basis and evolution of bat adaptations

David Jebb, Zixia Huang, Martin Pippel, Graham M. Hughes, Ksenia Lavrichenko, Paolo Devanna, Sylke Winkler, Lars S. Jermiin, Emilia C. Skirmuntt, Aris Katzourakis, Lucy Burkitt-Gray, David A. Ray, Kev..

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Testimonial Image
Testimonial Image

We have been very happy with the Arima-HiC kit. The Arima-HiC protocol is days quicker than our previous lab’s protocol. All together, better quality data for less effort.

– Eileen Furlong, PhD.

Head of Genome Biology Unit – European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)

Arima Genomics is an integral technology partner of the G10K consortium and Phase I of the VGP project. Arima was selected for Phase I based on the quality of their data, proven by their ability to generate reproducible and high-quality data despite variability in input sample quality and quantity. 

– Gene Myers, PhD.

G10K Council Member and Director at Max-Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden

When we tested Arima-HiC kit in our hands, we consistently got very high-quality libraries. Particularly, the fraction of inter-chromosomal reads is reduced.

– Daan Noordermeer, PhD.

Group Leader of CNRS Chromatin Dynamics Group