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AACR Annual Meeting 2020
The AACR Annual Meeting program covers the latest discoveries across the spectrum of cancer research—from population science and prevention; to cancer biology, translational, and clinical studies; to survivorship and advocacy—and highlights the work of the best minds in research and medicine from institutions all over the world.
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Three-dimensional chromatin landscapes in T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Andreas Kloetgen, Palaniraja Thandapani, Panagiotis Ntziachristos, Yohana Ghebrechristos, Sofia Nomikou, Charalampos Lazaris, Xufeng Chen, Hai Hu, Sofia Bakogianni, Jingjing Wang, Yi Fu, Francesco Boc..

Subtype-specific epigenomic landscape and 3D genome structure in bladder cancer

Tejaswi Iyyanki, Baozhen Zhang, Qiushi Jin, Hongbo Yang, Tingting Liu, Xiaotao Wang, Jie Xu, Fan Song, Yu Luan, Hironobu Yamashita, Lu Wang, Joshua Warrick, Jay Raman, Joshua J. Meeks, David Degraff, ..

Non-coding germline GATA3 variants alter chromatin topology and contribute to 2 pathogenesis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Hongbo Yang, Hui Zhang, Yu Luan, Tingting Liu, Kathryn G Roberts, Mao-xiang Qian, Bo Zhang, Wenjian Yang, Virginia ..

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Testimonial Image
Testimonial Image

We are pleased with the informative nature and quality of the Arima-HiChIP data.  Not only do we observe intra-chromosomal cis-regulatory interactions across cancer genomes, but also inter-chromosomal ectopic cis-regulatory interactions on rearranged chromosomes.  We think this data will help better delineate the relationship between genetic and epigenetic driver events in cancer.

– Peter Scacheri, PhD.

Peter Scacheri, PhD, Professor, Case Western University School of Medicine

Arima Genomics is an integral technology partner of the G10K consortium and Phase I of the VGP project. Arima was selected for Phase I based on the quality of their data, proven by their ability to generate reproducible and high-quality data despite variability in input sample quality and quantity. 

– Gene Myers, PhD.

G10K Council Member and Director at Max-Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden

When we tested Arima-HiC kit in our hands, we consistently got very high-quality libraries. Particularly, the fraction of inter-chromosomal reads is reduced.

– Daan Noordermeer, PhD.

Group Leader of CNRS Chromatin Dynamics Group