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Genomic rearrangements have consequences for introgression breeding as revealed by genome assemblies of wild and cultivated lentil species

Larissa Ramsay, Chu Shin Koh, Sateesh Kagale, Dongying Gao, Sukhjiwan Kaur, Teketel Haile, Tadesse S. Gela, Li-An Chen, ..

Benchmarking ultra-high molecular weight DNA preservation methods for long-read and long-range sequencing

Hollis A Dahn, Jacquelyn Mountcastle, Jennifer Balacco, Sylke Winkler, Iliana Bista, Anthony D Schmitt, Olga Vinnere Pettersson, Giulio..

The USDA-ARS Ag100Pest Initiative: High-Quality Genome Assemblies for Agricultural Pest Arthropod Research

Anna K. Childers , Scott M. Geib, Sheina B. Sim, Monica F. Poelchau, Brad S. Coates, Tyler J. Simmonds, Erin D. Scully, Timothy P. L. Smith, Christopher P. Childers, Renee L. Corpuz, Kevin Hackett and..

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We are pleased with the informative nature and quality of the Arima-HiChIP data.  Not only do we observe intrachromosomal cis-regulatory interactions across cancer genomes, but also interchromosomal ectopic cis-regulatory interactions on rearranged chromosomes.  We think this data will help better delineate the relationship between genetic and epigenetic driver events in cancer.

Peter Scacheri, PhD

Professor, Case Western University School of Medicine

Arima Genomics is an integral technology partner of the G10K consortium and Phase I of the VGP project. Arima was selected for Phase I based on the quality of their data, proven by their ability to generate reproducible and high-quality data despite variability in input sample quality and quantity. 

Gene Myers, PhD

G10K Council Member and Director, Max-Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics

When we tested Arima-HiC kit in our hands, we consistently got very high-quality libraries. Particularly, the fraction of interchromosomal reads is reduced.

Daan Noordermeer, PhD

Group Leader, Chromatin Dynamics Group at French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)