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Proven Performance

Discover active gene regulatory interactions at high resolution and reveal differential loop calling between sample types

Easy-to-Use Workflow

Expedite your time to results with our 2-day workflow and generate reproducible results across cell types and protein targets

Increased Efficiency

Detect high-resolution interactions with reduced sequencing depth and combine ChIP and Hi-C experiments into a single workflow

Benefits of Arima-HiC+ for HiChIP

The HiC+ Kit and HiChiP workflow is ideal for a NGS-based assay for multi-omic analyses of chromatin protein binding and associated chromatin interactions to:

Target H3K27ac or H3K4me3 using validated antibodies specific for interactions linking active regulatory domains

Optimize for ChIP-enriched long-range interactions

Uncover cell-type specific chromatin loops associated with active promoters

Accurately Identify Loops with High Reproducibility

With reproducibility greater than 80%, you can confidently identify not only the ChIP enrichment of your target, but also 3D connectivity between acetylation sites. Learn more about our human health and epigenetics applications.

Arima HiChiP Connectivity

HiChIP connectivity between the MYC locus and distal H3K27 acetylation sites in human lymphocytes.

Arima Workflow

With our easy-to-use workflow you can rapidly go from sample to discovery.

Hi-C Prep

Rapid 6-hour Protocol

Compatible with cell lines, primary cells, fresh/frozen tissue and FFPE*

*Arima-HiC+ FFPE kit

Library Prep

Pre-validated Library Prep Protocol

Kapa Hyper Prep (standard input)

Swift Accel-NGS 2S (low input)


Illumina Next Generation Sequencing

Read depth dependent on antibody and desired level of resolution

Data Analysis

Open and Optimized Bioinformatics Pipeline

Arima-MAPS 2.0

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