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Our Services

We offer a range of services for each Arima product and application, so whether you would like support with one step or our end-to-end service package – we’ve got you covered. Our services include: 

  • Study Design Consultation
  • Sample Preparation for Genome-wide HiC, HiChIP, Capture HiC, Promoter Capture HiC, High Coverage HiC, and FFPE HiC
  • Library Preparation
  • Next Generation Sequencing
  • Bioinformatic Analysis and Data Interpretation

The Arima Services Team

Our services and support teams are comprised of PhD-level scientists, expert technicians, and bioinformaticians, who are passionate about sharing the benefits of Arima technology with other scientists.

“Our goal is to provide scientists with the highest quality Hi-C sequencing data so they can answer their tough biological questions more easily. The science always comes first.”

– Joyee Yao, Director, Lab Ops, Service, Support, Arima Genomics

Get Started

Connect with an Arima scientist to learn more about our services and schedule a project consultation.