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Proven Performance

Achieve greater accuracy of chromatin loop and topological domain detection through high-quality interaction data

Flexible Workflow

Select from our comprehensive pre-designed human or mouse promoter panels with >23,000 targets each

Increase Efficiency

Save time and money by streamlining your workflow and concentrating your sequencing depth

Benefits of the Promoter Capture HiC Workflow

The HiC+ Kit and Promoter Capture HiC workflow are designed to speed time to discovery of critical promoter interactions.

Characterize regulatory differences between samples

Generate conformational profiles of promoter regions

Identify novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets

Detect High-Quality Interactions

Arima Promoter Capture HiC lets you identify key linkages between promoters and their target genes with a high cis:trans ratios and high on-target read coverage at low sequencing depths.


Promoter Capture HiC captures differential regulation of SOX2 between IMR90 and MCF70 cells. 100M reads yielded 3kb resolution of promoter interactions with regulatory elements from as few as 80k cells.

Promoter Capture_Image

Arima Custom Capture Workflow

With our easy-to-use workflow you can rapidly go from sample to discovery.

Hi-C Prep

Rapid 6-hour Protocol

Begin with as little as 80k cells, compatible with most sample types

Library + Target Capture

Library Prep module + 1-hour Hybridization

Use the Arima Library Prep Module and capture for optimized for amplification performance, high % on-target reads, and RNA-based capture of promoter contacts


Illumina Next Generation Sequencing

100M reads recommended for <5kb resolution of promoter contacts

Data Analysis

Open and Optimized Bioinformatics Pipelines

Built using the open-source HiCUP and CHiCAGO tools

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