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The Arima 48-reaction High Coverage HiC kit enables high-volume genome assembly projects.

As scientists and large consortia strive to sequence and assemble high-quality genomes for all species on earth, scalable tools play an essential role.

The Arima High Coverage HiC kit and workflow help scientists improve draft assemblies, assign and orient contigs, and build the chromosome-scale assemblies they need to advance their research. To further enable our customers seeking to assemble numerous genomes, we are introducing a new 48-reaction High Coverage HiC kit.

Genome Assemblies can be Improved with Hi-C Data

Whether exploring earth’s biodiversity to enable conservation efforts, better understand speciation and evolution, or develop more efficient crops to feed the growing population, reference-quality genome assemblies are vital for discovery across the life sciences. Incorporating Arima Hi-C technology can improve the contiguity, quality, and phasing of genome assemblies by providing more comprehensive information than genomic sequencing alone. With the rapidly expanding adoption of Arima Hi-C technology, there are now more than 150 NCBI published genome assemblies that have incorporated the High Coverage HiC workflow.

Arima Genomics is a proud partner of large, international consortia, including the VGP, ERGA, and Sanger Wellcome Institute, that strive to sequence and assemble tens of thousands of genomes. Arima technology supports these initiatives by providing a scalable solution for generating the HiC data needed to create the most accurate and contiguous chromosome-spanning assemblies. 

“The high-coverage HiC data provides more evenly distributed shotgun reads and associated long range linkages that aid the scaffolding of contigs to improve assembly contiguity. The newer Arima kits are being used because we found them to be robust across a range of tissue types from diverse vertebrate and invertebrate species. Kit robustness to a diversity of samples is an essential requirement for the Darwin Tree of Life Project.”

— Michael Quail, Principal Scientific Manager of DNA Pipelines, Wellcome Sanger Institute

What are the Benefits of the 48-reaction High Coverage HiC Kit and Workflow?

  • Scalability for large-volume genome sequencing projects
  • Fast and easy-to-use workflow to go from sample to assembly in as little as 6 hours
  • Flexibility across a variety of sample types, including plant tissue, cell culture, vertebrate tissue samples, and invertebrates 
  • The ability to generate multiple data types, including long-range sequence and genome structural information, from one assay


To get started using our 48-reaction High Coverage HiC kit (Part number: A101031) for genome assembly, connect with an Arima scientist for a project consultation or to purchase reagents.