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Proven Performance

Proven performance for generating the most accurate and contiguous chromosome-spanning assemblies

Dependable Results

Quality you can trust, with built in QC steps to ensure you get reliable sequencing results every time

Increase Efficiency

Generate multiple data types, including long-range sequence and genome structural information, from one assay

Benefits of the High Coverage HiC Workflow for Genome Assembly

Scaffold and error correct your next generation sequencing data to produce the highest quality assemblies

Fully phase genome assemblies to identify complex genetic variations

 Utilize a variety of sample types including plant tissue, cell culture, vertebrate tissue samples, and invertebrates

Quality you can trust, with built-in QC steps to ensure you get reliable sequencing results every time

Fast and easy-to-use workflows to go from sample to assembly in as little as 6 hours.

Use the 8 reaction kit to get started or the 48 reaction kit for high-volume projects

Go From Contigs to Chromosomes with Ease

Arima high coverage HiC complements your NGS sequencing pipeline, linked reads, or optical maps and makes scaffolding of contigs quick and easy for chromosome-spanning contiguity in any assembly. Learn more about our genome assembly application. 

High Coverage HiC for Genome Assembly

Arima High Coverage HiC Workflow

With our easy-to-use workflow you can rapidly go from sample to assembly.

Hi-C Prep

Rapid 6-hour Protocol

Compatible with cell lines, primary cells, fresh/frozen tissue and FFPE*

*Arima-HiC+ FFPE kit

Library Prep

Pre-validated Library Prep Protocol

Kapa Hyper Prep (standard input)
Swift Accel-NGS 2S (low input)


Illumina Next Generation Sequencing

Illumina NGS 50-75M reads per 1Gb of genome

Data Analysis

Powerful Analysis Tools

Built using the open-source SALSA tool

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