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Over the past few years, 3D genomics methods have transformed human disease research, from identifying the functional roles of non-coding variants to characterizing neurological cell subtypes using single-cell techniques.

Join us for this technology overview webinar to learn how scientists are using 3D genomics in human disease research, and how you can apply these approaches in your own work.

What You Will Learn:

  • Learn how researchers are using 3D genomics as part of their multi-omics toolkit to study disease mechanisms and detect therapeutic targets across a range of diseases, from cancer to neurological disorders
  • Learn about newly launched products and services from Arima, including Single Cell Methyl-3C service and the Arima Bioinformatics Platform

This talk was presented to a packed room at ASHG earlier this month! For those who were unable to attend, we look forward to welcoming you to the live virtual edition of this popular talk.

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Meet the Speakers

Anthony Schmitt, PhD

SVP of Science, Arima Genomics

Anthony has led the development of the core Arima Hi-C chemistry and technology platform since Arima’s inception, contributed to core inventions and technology development grants, and continues to lead the R&D programs for targeted chromosome conformation capture techniques.

Ibrahim Jivanjee, MBA

Director of Product Management and Marketing, Arima Genomics

Ibrahim is the Director of Product Management and Marketing at Arima, with over 15 years in the biotech industry specializing in genomics. At Arima, he spearheads new product development and the company's marketing initiatives.