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The Arima Genomics team recently attended the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR) annual meeting in Torino, Italy. We were thrilled to be a part of this exciting event and to connect with so many scientists and clinicians at the forefront of cancer research from across the globe.

The conference showcased the latest advances in cancer research, including breakthroughs in understanding the mechanisms of cancer and innovative approaches to improving patient outcomes. We were impressed by the diversity of fields represented, including genomics, bioinformatics, translational science, radiology, and more.


Exhibit Highlights

At our booth, we showcased the utility of 3D genomics and the many ways researchers use this approach to gain unparalleled access to the sequence, structure, and regulatory landscape of cancer genomes. We had the opportunity to talk to both long-time customers and those new to the field of 3D genomics.

Arima Genomics EACR

The Arima Genomics team at EACR 2023 in Torino, Italy.


Industry Symposium

In addition to our booth, we were thrilled to host an industry symposium on Day 3 of EACR. What a great turnout and how incredible to see so many scientists curious about 3D genomics!

Akis Papantonis

Argyris Papantonis, PhD, of the University of Göttingen, shares his research at Arima’s industry symposium at EACR.

Arima’s Director of Research, Kristin Sikkink, PhD, presented compelling case studies that showed how 3D genomics can identify the genetic drivers of previously undiagnosed tumors. Joining her was Argyris Papantonis, PhD, Professor for Translational Epigenetics at the University of Goettingen in Germany, who shed light on the spatial organization of glioblastoma genomes. Akis provided expert insights into how this impacts tumor heterogeneity and what this might mean for targeted therapies in the future. The talk garnered a lot of interest — over 150 cancer researchers attended — and a lot of questions afterwards! If you missed the talk at EACR, you still have a chance to hear it live. We are hosting a live webinar featuring both speakers and the same topic on Wednesday, June 28th, 2023. Register here.


Poster Presentation

The Arima team also presented a poster highlighting our recent work from a collaboration with clinicians at NYU Langone Health. The poster showcased how 3D genomics has proven to be highly effective in identifying clinically actionable biomarkers in driver-negative tumors. Of note:

  • 3D genomics detected biomarkers in 52% of these tumors and was concordant with NYU Fusion SEQ’er, a CLIA-validated RNA-based fusion panel.
  • In some cases, 3D genomics identified previously undetected fusions, leading to changes in patient management.
  • Its ability to identify “proximal fusions” outside of the cancer gene body also allows for the identification of druggable targets and diagnostic biomarkers such as NTRK1 and PLAG1.

Uncovering Gene Fusions with 3D Genomics: From Clinical Validation to Actionable Insights for Undiagnosable Solid Tumors

Kristin EACR Poster

Download the poster

We were thrilled to participate in this outstanding conference and share how 3D genomics can provide novel insights to support cancer researchers as they strive to better understand and treat this complex disease. We look forward to seeing you next year in the Netherlands at EACR 2024!

Learn more about how cancer researchers use Arima technology to advance their discoveries with 3D cancer genomics.