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Gainer deeper insights into the epigenetic mechanisms that drive regulation with the Arima Promoter Capture panel.


The Arima Promoter Capture panel is built on the Arima Capture-HiC+ platform technology and  enables researchers to characterize the regulatory landscape of their samples. For researchers who are looking to gain deeper insights into the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms that drive regulation, the Arima Promoter Capture panel provides:

  •    Comprehensive design spanning the entire human and mouse genomes
  •    Consistent performance that reliably delivers high quality data
  •    An open bioinformatics platform that is optimized to deliver conformation profiles across all promoters with minimal setup

Comprehensive, off the shelf design for human and mouse genomes

Consistent performance With Excellent Signal: Noise and High On-Target Ready Coverage.


Figure 1. High Cis (signal):Trans (noise) ratio leads to high quality interaction data. The Arima Promoter Capture module was used against 7 sample cell lines (GM12878, HCC1395, HCT116, HeLa, MCF7, IMR90 and MEF). We demonstrate that across all sample types, cis-reads consistently represented 85-90% of all mapped reads. A high cis to trans ratio of mapped reads is a strong indicator of excellent signal:noise which will allow efficient identification of spatially conserved chromatin compartments  


Figure 2. Very high on-target read coverage maximizes sequencing efficiency and reduces sequencing depth requirements . 7 samples were processed using the Arima Capture-HiC+ platform including the Arima Library Prep kit, the Arima HiC+ kit and the Arima Promoter Capture module.
Figure 3. High correlation between technical replicates ensures accurate differential analysis. Technical replicates of 6 different cell lines demonstrate minimal run-to-run variability (0.97–0.99 pearson correlation). Therefore differences between samples are driven by biology rather than by technical variability.

An Open and Optimized Bioinformatics Platform

The Arima Capture-HiC+ pipeline is built upon the open-source HiCUP and CHiCAGO pipelines. When combined with the Arima Promoter Capture panel, users only need to supply the FASTQ sequencing file from the Illumina® sequencing run – all other files and documents are supplied by Arima to help your bioinformatics team streamline their analysis. The outputs from users everything they need to confirm that the quality of the data meets their needs, to characterize interactions via loop calls, and to visualize their data leveraging the Wash U Epigenome Browser.

Product Specification

Sample Type* Cell culture, Primary Cells
Sample Input** Standard Input: 1M cells
Reads 5kb resolution, 100M reas/sample
Compatible Sequencer Illumina™ sequencing platforms
Bioinformatics Arima Capture-HiC+ Pipeline
Reference Genome Human (hg38) and Mouse (mm10)

*Additional sample types and lower input amounts are possible

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