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About the Webinar

3D genomic analysis has paved new pathways for understanding genomic complexity of cancer and detecting novel therapeutic targets that are of potential clinical significance. During this webinar, Dr. Atif Ahmed shares exciting results from an ongoing collaboration between Arima Genomics and Children’s Mercy Hospital that highlight the potential of 3D genomics in molecular diagnostics.

In addition, we announce Early Access to the Arima Oncology Panel during the webinar. Learn more and request early access.

Key Takeaways

  • 3D genomic analysis by Arima Hi-C technology enables better understanding of complex cancer genome structure and has recently been validated for archived FFPE tumor samples.
  • Hi-C sequencing correctly identifies fusion transcripts in alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma and detects novel gene variants in embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma that merit further follow-up.
  • 3D genomics has the vast potential of uncovering novel genetic drivers in tumor specimens with inconclusive or no previous molecular results.

Meet the Speakers

Atif Ahmed, MD

Senior Pediatric Pathologist, Seattle Children's Hospital

Atif Ahmed is a Senior Pediatric Pathologist at Seattle Children's Hospital in Washington, USA. Dr. Ahmed has been in academic practice for more than 19 years and his research interests include pediatric tumor biology and targeted biomarkers in cancer. He has published more than 100 publications and is a member of many professional societies and serves on the editorial board of several high impact journals.

Midhat Farooqi, MD, PhD

Molecular Pathologist, Children's Mercy Kansas City

Dr. Farooqi is a faculty member in the Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine at Children’s Mercy Kansas City and part of the Genomic Medicine Center at the Children’s Mercy Research Institute. He is also an Associate Professor of Pathology at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine and a member of the University of Kansas Cancer Center. As a molecular pathologist, he interprets clinical genetic testing results for pediatric patients and his research interests include the development of new laboratory tests for pediatric oncology.

Ibrahim Jivanjee, MBA

Director of Product Management and Marketing, Arima Genomics

Ibrahim Jivanjee is the Director of Product Management and Marketing. At Arima, he spearheads new product development and the company's marketing initiatives.