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Understanding Cancer — Understanding Chromatin Architecture
Cancer often exhibits multiple genetic, epigenetic, and chromosomal alterations. To elucidate the underlying complexities, oncology research focused on noncoding regions of the genome has revealed many new mechanisms affecting oncogene expression. Here, Dr. Elisa Oricchio shares her work to better understand cancer through 3D chromatin architecture.

In this webinar, you will hear Dr. Elisa Oricchio discuss her recent findings and learn how:

  • Chromosomal alterations including enhancer hijacking and epigenetic changes lead to modifications of the chromatin architecture in lymphoma
  • Epigenetic markers modulate chromatin interactions between regulatory elements to support transcriptional oncogenic programs
  • Chromosomal translocation and epigenetic changes can induce allele-specific chromatin configurations supporting monoallelic oncogene expression

About the speaker

Elisa Oricchio

Associate professor, EPFL

Elisa Oricchio is an associate professor at EPFL in the Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research, School of Life Science. Her research focuses on cancer genomics and B-cell malignancies. Over the course of her career, she has identified oncogenes or tumor suppressor genes as new therapeutic targets or as biomarkers to better classify cancer patients. More recently, as an independent investigator, she moved beyond the linear interpretation of the cancer genome and has integrated cancer genomic analyses in B-cell malignancies with the study of 3D chromatin conformation.