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Within living cells, the genome is folded into complex three-dimensional (3D) structures whereby DNA segments that are spatially proximal in 3D space can be far apart along the linear genome. Hi-C is a proximity ligation sample preparation method that captures spatially proximal DNA interactions within cells. In doing so, Hi-C uniquely leverages intrinsic genome folding properties to simultaneously capture chromatin looping structures that regulate gene expression, while also preserving long-range sequence information that can be utilized to scaffold contigs into more accurate and comprehensive chromosome-scale genome assemblies.

In this webinar, Dr. Anthony Schmitt, Vice President of R&D at Arima Genomics, describe the Arima-HiC technology platform and how its use can accelerate the path to biological insight in epigenetics and genome assembly applications. You will learn:

  • How Hi-C technology can be used to uncover genome organization structures for epigenetic studies as well as scaffold contigs into chromosome-spanning genome assemblies
  • An overview of the Arima-HiC workflow, from Arima-HiC sample preparation to library preparation and Illumina sequencing. See an overview of Arima-HiC data analysis tools for chromatin conformation and genome assembly using powerful and user-friendly open-source software tools
  • Evaluate Arima-HiC usability and performance data, including accuracy of chromatin loop and topological domain detection as well as accuracy and contiguity of chromosome-spanning assemblies