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Revealing the Broader Impact of Gene Fusions in Cancer with 3D Genomics

Hear from Anthony Schmitt, PhD, SVP of Science at Arima Genomics, who shares how Arima’s DNA-based, FFPE-compatible kit enables identification of novel gene fusions in clinical samples thought to be driver negative, yielding exciting new opportunities in precision oncology.

Dr. Schmitt is joined by Dr. Sarah Chiang, MD, of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, who shares her clinical experience using Arima technology to understand mechanisms of gene activation and inactivation brought on by fusion events that are informing patient management.

Meet the Speakers:

Anthony Schmitt, PhD

SVP, Science at Arima Genomics

Anthony has led the development of the core Arima Hi-C chemistry and technology platform since Arima’s inception, contributed to core inventions and technology development grants, and continues to lead the R&D programs for targeted chromosome conformation capture techniques.

Sarah Chiang, MD

Pathologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Sarah is a board-certified surgical pathologist with clinical expertise in gynecologic and obstetric pathology. As a surgical pathologist, she examines tissue samples removed by biopsy or surgery to provide patients with accurate diagnoses. In addition to her clinical responsibilities, Sarah maintains an active commitment to translational research in the diagnosis and pathogenesis of disease.