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About the Webinar

Delve into the complexities of the human brain with an exploration of single-cell epigenomics across various brain regions. In this webinar, Dr. Wei Tian of the Salk Institute will shed light on how DNA methylation and chromatin conformation at the single-cell level underpin gene regulation in the human brain, offering unprecedented insights into cellular diversity and regulatory mechanisms in health and disease that could revolutionize neurological research and therapies.



Key Takeaways

  • Cellular Diversity in the Human Brain: See how a comprehensive epigenomic examination at single-cell resolution of over half a million cells from various brain regions led to the identification of 188 distinct cell types, enhancing our understanding of the brain’s complexity.
  • 3D Genome Organization and Gene Regulation: Learn about the intricate relationship between DNA methylation, chromatin architecture, and gene expression across the brain’s diverse cell types and regions, highlighting the specificity of gene-regulatory mechanisms.
  • Innovations in Cell Type Identification: Explore the development of single-cell methylation barcodes, a novel tool that uses the methylation status of specific genomic sites to accurately predict brain cell types

Meet the Speakers

Wei Tian, PhD

Staff Scientist at the Salk Institute

Wei Tian is a computational biologist with expertise in deciphering intricate biological processes through algorithmic innovations and software development. During his Ph.D. studies in Bioinformatics at the University of Illinois at Chicago, he pioneered algorithms for predicting and characterizing protein structures, as well as computing biophysical properties. Transitioning to research at the Salk Institute, Wei focused on analyzing and developing methods for single-cell omics data, particularly in epigenetics, transcriptomics, and spatial omics, contributing significantly to the single-cell human brain atlas. His current research interests lie in unraveling the complexities of the brain, exploring aspects of aging, and understanding diseases through diverse single-cell omics data.

Anthony Schmitt, PhD

SVP of Science at Arima Genomics

Anthony Schmitt has led the development of the core Arima Hi-C chemistry and technology platform since Arima’s inception, contributed to core inventions and technology development grants, and continues to lead the R&D programs for targeted chromosome conformation capture techniques.