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Arima Genomics Hi-C Technology

Arima-HiC is a proximity ligation method that captures the three-dimensional (3D) organizational structure of chromatin, where genomic sequences that are distal to each other in linear distance can be closer to each other in the 3D space. The high-resolution, genome-wide map of interacting genetic loci that is generated from Hi-C data can then be used across multiple genomic applications including identification of promoter-enhancer interactions for gene regulation studies and scaffolding contigs for genome assemblies to define chromosomes de novo.


Arima-HiC vs Conventional Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Preserve Sequence and Structure

When using sequencing technologies alone, extracted DNA loses spatial proximity info that is critical to 3D genome organization and gene regulation. The figure below illustrates that by only utilizing sequencing, and not Arima-HiC, extracted DNA in step (1) of the top of the figure loses spatial proximity info such as critical 3D genome organization information and long-range genetic information. In the bottom part of the figure, adding Arima-HiC to your sequencing workflow enables discovery of spatially proximal sequences that is not evident in linear sequencing.

Arima-HiC Emerging Applications

Arima-HiC is highly robust and highly flexible. Building off the base technology, we continue to innovate enhancements and expand applications.