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Since Arima Genomics was founded in 2015, we’ve spearheaded a lot of progress in the field of 3D genomics. We strive to be the scientific partner of choice for our 600+ customers, helping bring new insights by preserving the sequence and 3D structure of DNA in the genome.

The innovations that make these insights possible require significant research and development efforts and investments, which is why we are thrilled to welcome new investors Genetron Health, Tech Coast Angels, Ladder Ventures to our existing investors as part of our $7 million Series B fundraising round.

We gratefully welcome these new investors to the Arima Genomics community and look forward to their counsel and partnership in the coming years as we work together to scale our organization to support our growing global customer base. Our Series B funds will help us expand our product portfolio and our bioinformatics capabilities to better enable our customers’ research and serve a broader spectrum of scientific and translational medicine applications.

“We take a real sense of pride in our approach to partnership with our customers and strive to bring them the best solutions to empower their science. Having the resources necessary to continue to foster these relationships is an integral part of growing the community’s collective understanding of the importance of genomic structure in health and disease,” said Siddarth Selvaraj, CEO and Co-founder of Arima Genomics. “The additional funds from our series B put us in a great position to maintain these critical customer relationships while scaling our company for the future.”

Arima Genomics’ customers have published more than 200 peer-reviewed studies leveraging the company’s 3D genomics solutions. These studies have helped advance scientific understanding of cancer, neurobiology, immunology, and other complex diseases where researchers can develop insights from DNA structure that were missed in linearized DNA approaches.

Read our press release to learn more about our Series B fundraise.


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