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When explaining scientific advancements driven by an emerging technology like 3D genomics, a picture is worth a thousand words, but a customer webinar is priceless. . Here at Arima, we like nothing more than featuring our customers and the scientific successes they have achieved in our webinar series.

Each webinar provides examples of how 3D genomics can power new biological insights across diverse fields. In 2022, we were thrilled to feature 12 scientists and their work, ranging from translation cancer research to autoimmune diseases, Down’s syndrome, viral infection, brain mapping, and assembly of complex genomes. All of our webinars can be found in our video library, but in case you missed them, we want to highlight three of our top webinars of 2022.

#1: Closing in on Undiagnosable Tumors – The Case for 3D Genome Profiling of All Cancers

In this webinar, Dr. Matija Snuderl of NYU shares recent patient case studies showing how Arima technology identifies existing and novel gene fusions and complex rearrangements. His research has shown that 3D genome analysis adds diagnostic value by identifying novel molecular drivers and potential therapeutic targets in tumors with no previously detectable drivers.

#2: Where Will Genomes Take Us Next: How Chromosome-Scale Assemblies Are Unlocking New Biology

This webinar features three experts in the genome assembly space, who discuss how they utilize chromosome-scale genome assemblies to advance their research in conservation, evolutionary biology, translational research, and beyond. Topics include cutting-edge sequencing and computational methods, case studies from the Vertebrate Genomes Project, and a deep dive into the evolutionary genomics of Brenthis fritillary butterflies.

#3: Understanding Disease Mechanisms: The Role of the 3D Genome in Genetic Disorders

In this webinar, Dr. Hiruy Meharena of UC, San Diego shares his work to uncover how alterations to 3D genome conformation can affect transcriptional regulation in a wide range of disease states. Specifically, how trisomy 21 disrupts nuclear architecture and transcriptome of neural progenitors, which display signatures of cellular senescence leading to trisomy-21-associated molecular and cellular dysfunctions.


Bonus: Single-Cell 3D Genomics in Neuroscience and the BRAIN Initiative

This webinar and panel discussion features leaders in the single-cell 3D genomic space, who discuss how they are harnessing the latest single-cell technologies to study the human brain at an unprecedented level of detail. Learn how the sn-m3C-seq and Dip-seq single-cell methods have provided new insights into development, disease, and aging in the human brain.

We look forward to celebrating more outstanding science and scientists with the Arima Genomics community in 2023! Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, or sign up below to receive our newsletter and hear about all of our upcoming webinars.