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Arima Genomics is named as one of five up-and-coming firms in spatial genomics by Inside Precision Medicine.

“Arima Genomics  Founded: 2015 |  Headquarters: Carlsbad, California, U.S.

Arima Genomics specializes in investigating how DNA is spatially organized in chromatin within a cell, also known as 3D genomics, using a method called Hi-C proximity ligation. In this procedure, chromatin is fixed in its 3D shape. The DNA is then cut using restriction enzymes, and sequences that are near to each other are sequenced together.

Proximity ligation lets users analyze genetic variants that can contribute to disease, even if the genetic variant is in a non-coding region of the genome. This is because the 3D structure of the genome means that changes to one site might impact which genes are activated on another site if they are close to each other when the DNA is folded.

The main applications of Arima’s technology include life sciences research and human health. By detecting spatial relationships within the structure of the genome, the company can help users to discover new biomarkers and drug targets. For example, researchers used Arima’s Hi-C technology to identify chromosomal rearrangements linked with ependymoma tumorigenesis.

Arima secured $7 million in March 2022 to finance the development of its technology in addition to the growth and commercial expansion of the company. In January 2023, the firm joined the Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative to help researchers to carry out single-cell sequencing in brain cells. More recently, Arima has teamed up with Protean BioDiagnostics and Velsera to use its technology in precision medicine and diagnostics.”

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