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Carlsbad, Calif. – September 20, 2022—Arima Genomics, Inc., the leader in 3D genomics, today announced that it has moved its headquarters to the Arroyo Business Center complex in Carlsbad, California. The 11,000+ square foot headquarters located at 6354 Corte Del Abeto, Suite B, includes six laboratories, enabling the company to expand its research and development activities to support a growing product portfolio and more than 700 global customers.

Arima Genomics, founded in 2015, previously occupied several small offices in San Diego’s Sorrento Mesa area. The move to Carlsbad comes during a time of rapid growth and maturation for the company, which recently closed its Series B funding round, launched new solutions for library preparation, structural variant detection, and informatics, and hired its 38th employee.

“We are grateful to unite our team in a space that can support the next phase of our growth, empowering us to better serve our customers and ultimately enable new scientific discoveries leveraging the power of 3D genomics,” said Siddarth Selvaraj, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Arima Genomics. “Locating in Carlsbad allows us to continue to expand our team with talented scientists and experienced life science leaders from both San Diego and Orange counties.”

“This new and larger lab space is essential for the expanding scope of our research, development, manufacturing activities, as well as processing an ever-increasing volume of customer samples in our service department,” said Jon Belton, PhD, Direct of Workflow Development at Arima Genomics. “We are thrilled to be able to grow in the new laboratory space and continue to innovate with Arima technology.”

Arima Genomics’ technologies provide information about the structure of DNA within the nucleus of a cell. While most DNA sequencing methods provide linearized DNA data, those approaches do not capture information about how the DNA is physically organized. By connecting DNA sequence and structural data, Arima Genomics’ technologies can reveal new biological insights that are indispensable in a diverse set of applications, including helping researchers understand disease mechanisms needed to develop and optimize new therapeutic approaches such as cell- and gene-based therapies.

Beyond laboratory and office space, the new Arima Genomics headquarters includes a fitness center, innovation lounge, and ample meeting spaces designed to facilitate employee wellness, relaxation, and collaboration. The company is currently recruiting for commercial, finance, and research roles.



About Arima Genomics

Arima Genomics, Inc. is advancing life sciences research through the power of 3D genomics by providing unparalleled access to the sequence and structure of any genome. Arima Genomics offers the most advanced technologies for preserving the structural organization of the genome to drive discovery in genome biology and human health. To learn more, visit www.arimagenomics.com and connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


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