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New Library Prep Module provides a robust addition to Arima’s well-established Hi-C workflows.

San Diego, Calif. – June 07, 2022—Arima Genomics, Inc., the leader in 3D genomics, today announced the launch of the Arima Library Prep Module. When used in conjunction with the Arima Genomics’ sample preparation kits and analysis solutions, the Arima Library Prep Module provides a simple, robust, and validated workflow to generate next-generation sequencing libraries, enhancing the company’s trusted, market-leading portfolio of 3D genomics research tools.

The Arima Library Prep Module offers robust performance, enabling the production of high-yield next-generation sequencing libraries with a high percentage of long-cis interactions, and minimal duplication rates meaning the libraries can readily be used for downstream sequencing and analysis. Optimized for use with Arima Genomics sample preparation products, including low-input and capture-based methods, the new module takes the guesswork out of library preparation for 3D genomics applications.

“The launch of the Arima Library Prep Module is an important part of providing our customers a robust, end-to-end 3D genomics protocol based on our well-established Hi-C workflow, enabling them to unlock new insights for disease research, genome assembly, and other research applications,” said Anthony Schmitt, SVP, Science, at Arima Genomics. “Pairing this module with Arima Hi-C sample preparation products and bioinformatics tools, our customers can confidently prepare DNA libraries ready for sequencing and produce data they can trust.”

Learn more about the Arima Library Prep Module.

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Arima Genomics, Inc. is advancing life sciences research through the power of 3D genomics by providing unparalleled access to the sequence and structure of any genome. Arima Genomics offers the most advanced technologies for preserving the structural organization of the genome to drive discovery in genome biology and human health. To learn more, visit www.arimagenomics.com and connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


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