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SAN DIEGO, Calif., April 16, 2021 — Arima Genomics, Inc., a biotechnology company focused on accelerating the adoption of spatial genomics, and SCRUM Inc., a Japanese-based distributor, combine forces to distribute genomic tools to a broader customer base.

Christian Nelson, Global Sales & Support Director at Arima Genomics, commented on the new partnership: “Arima Genomics’ year-on-year revenue growth continues into 2021 behind our commercial plan and reach that now includes distributors in both the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions. Our distribution channels are critical to our continued success, and, after analyzing several great partnering options in the region, we are excited to kick off 2021 with SCRUM, Inc. We see Japan as a market that is hungry for spatial genomics, and SCRUM Inc.’s network will expand our presence in Japan while ensuring our Japanese customers continue to receive world class support.”

Arima Genomics, based in California, has customers in over 27 countries worldwide and continues to expand globally. SCRUM has a wide network of dealers and sub-dealers, and SCRUM’s mission to bring value to labs around the world aligns with Arima Genomics’ technology and goal to bring spatial genomics to everyone.  SCRUM recently presented Arima’s portfolio at the 14th annual meeting of the Japanese Society of Epigenetics. The resounding interest in Arima technology from this community further validated the potential of spatial genomics.

Arima Genomics’ distribution agreement with SCRUM Inc. is a meaningful step in the direction of increasing the accessibility of spatial genomics in the scientific community. Takemitsu Furuta, President and CEO of SCRUM Inc., added, “SCRUM now has about 30 suppliers outside of Japan, including those that provide products and services related to genome analysis. We are proud to start working with Arima Genomics and provide new solutions to our valued customers.”

The technology that Arima Genomics provides will enable customers in Asia to study folding patterns in DNA, build genome assemblies of previously unsequenced species, and eventually develop treatment options for human diseases. “Our partnership with SCRUM will make the spatial genome accessible to the scientific and medical community in Asia and accelerate our understanding of human health and disease,” said Sid Selvaraj, Arima Genomics CEO.

About Arima Genomics, Inc.

Arima Genomics, based in San Diego, California, is a biotechnology company that aims to accelerate the understanding of spatial genomics toward discovery, diagnosis and therapy. For additional information, please visit www.arimagenomics.com.

About SCRUM Inc.

SCRUM Inc. strives to seek unique and innovative products in the world’s market, which provide superior solutions to their valued customers. SCRUM’s mission is to provide researchers in life science the products and services which are beneficial and facilitate their studies. For additional information, please visit www.scrum-net.co.jp/eng.