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SAN DIEGO, Calif., May 25, 2021 — Arima Genomics, a biotechnology company at the forefront of innovation in spatial genomics, today announced the launch of its early access program for capture HiC.

Hi-C enables researchers to capture spatial interactions, which has yielded tremendous insight across various fields in genomics. While genome-wide Hi-C provides a global framework of genome organization, capture Hi-C shines when it comes to targeted analysis. By combining well established in-solution hybridization with Hi-C prepped libraries to enrich target regions, capture Hi-C allows researchers to conduct larger studies by reducing per-sample cost and to gain deeper biological insights through greater resolution over target regions.

Prior to launching the early access program, Arima scientists and external researchers vetted the Arima Capture-HiC+ kit through alpha and beta testing. During alpha testing, the kit was processed outside the product development team on control samples. During beta testing, the kit underwent a third party assessment on control and external samples. 

“The Arima Capture-HiC+ platform bridges the gap between discovery and translational application of novel, folding biomarkers”, says Ibrahim Jivanjee, Director of Product & Marketing at Arima Genomics. “By focusing on targets, we reduce sequencing burden, increase resolution, and enhance sensitivity.”

The Arima Capture-HiC+ kit supports a variety of capture methods — promoter, variant, and region capture — to allow researchers to characterize the regulatory landscapes of cohorts, connect non-coding variants to target genes, and assemble three dimensional profiles of chromosome loci. 

Additionally, Arima has launched pre-designed human and mouse promoter capture panels, targeting promoters of coding and non-coding genes genome-wide. Both panels feature over 350 thousand RNA baits, eliminating the burden of design and optimization. Instead of spending weeks on custom panel design and validation, researchers can now develop regulatory profiles of their samples within days of purchasing their kit.  

Interested researchers can apply for early access to Arima Capture-HiC+ at arimagenomics.com/capture-hic.

About the Arima-HiC+ Platform

The Arima-HiC+ kit is a highly simplified and robust protocol that streamlines Hi-C to a 6-hour workflow followed by library prep and next-generation sequencing. The Arima-HiC+ kit empowers researchers to leverage Hi-C technology to perform either genome-wide or targeted identification of promoter-enhancer interactions, link non-coding, disease-associated variants to target promoters, and uncover how perturbations in genome conformation impact gene regulation in disease contexts.