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About the Webinar

A high-quality genome assembly serves as a strong foundation across diverse fields of science. In this webinar, let’s talk about what makes a genome assembly high quality! Learn how scientists are using Arima Hi-C to scaffold contigs and generate reference-quality assemblies across many species.

Key Takeaways

  • Hear about four ways you can use Hi-C data to improve the genome assembly of your species of interest
  • Learn why consortia like the VGP consider Hi-C an integral part of their genome assembly workflow
  • Get your genome assembly questions answered during the Q&A session with Arima’s Hi-C experts

Meet the Speakers

Ibrahim Jivanjee, MBA

Director of Product Management and Marketing, Arima Genomics

Ibrahim is the Director of Product Management and Marketing, with over 15 years in the biotech industry specializing in genomics. At Arima, he spearheads new product development and the company's marketing initiatives.

Kristin Sikkink, PhD

Director of Research, Arima Genomics

Kristin is our newly appointed Director of Research and holds a PhD in Biology. She leads and manages Arima's clinical and discovery research programs.