Highly-accurate chromosome-length human genome assembly via hybrid analyses of Oxford Nanopore and Arima-HiC

Arima-HiC when combined with contigs from Oxford Nanopore generates highly accurate and chromosome-length genome assemblies. To access open-source software developed by this team, see below:

Genome 10K Consortium Selects Arima Genomics for Phase 1 of Vertebrate Genomes Project; Company Announces Early Access Program

Arima-HiC services is selected by the prestigious G10K consortium to generate ‘near-gapless’ reference genome assemblies for all vertebrate order species (phase 1). In a second related story, Arima Genomics today launches an early access program for its rapid, robust, and easy-to-use Arima-HiC kits to satisfy the high demand for HiC technology.

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