International Vertebrate Genomes Project releases first 15 high-quality reference genomes
Publicly available data will impact studies on life, disease, and conservation efforts

The Genome 10K consortium (G10K) announces the official launch of the Vertebrate Genome Project (VGP) and its first release of 15 new, high-quality reference genomes for 14 species representing all five vertebrate classes – mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes. As a selected partner for the current Phase 1 of VGP, Arima Genomics delivered high quality Hi-C proximity-ligation (referred to as Arima-HiC) data necessary to achieve whole chromosome-spanning assemblies.

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Highly-accurate chromosome-length human genome assembly via hybrid analyses of Oxford Nanopore and Arima-HiC

Arima-HiC when combined with contigs from Oxford Nanopore generates highly accurate and chromosome-length genome assemblies. To access open-source software developed by this team, see below:

Genome 10K Consortium Selects Arima Genomics for Phase 1 of Vertebrate Genomes Project; Company Announces Early Access Program

Arima-HiC services is selected by the prestigious G10K consortium to generate ‘near-gapless’ reference genome assemblies for all vertebrate order species (phase 1). In a second related story, Arima Genomics today launches an early access program for its rapid, robust, and easy-to-use Arima-HiC kits to satisfy the high demand for HiC technology.

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