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Accurate and cost effective discover of active gene regulatory interactions

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Arima Genomics developed the Arima-hiChIP protocol which can be used for an accurate and cost-effective discovery of active gene regulatory interactions. The Hi-ChIP is a reproducible and simplified protocol used in identifying long-range genomic contacts mediated by proteins. The Hi-ChIP combines both Hi-C and chromatin immunoprecipitation together with antibodies against a protein of interest to enrich interactions mediated by protein. What is the advantage of HiChIP? HiChIP has the advantage of requiring less sequencing compared to Hi-C.

Arima-HiChIP Enabled Kit

Arima was able to develop an easy-to-use and reproducible Arima-HiChIP enabled kit which streamlines the Arima-HiChIP protocol via a 2-day workflow. This enabled kit is optimized for efficient capture of chromatin looping (3D) and ChIP enrichment (1D) data This HiChIP enabled kit to facilitate broad and easy access to powerful HiChiP technology.

  1. Proven Performance - Obtain the most accurate and reproducible results at reduced sequencing depth for greater efficiency of sequencing dollar
  2. Assured Quality - Ascertain library quality to ensure sequencing success with quick and easy QC steps
  3. Fast & User-Friendly WorkFlow - Expedite time to insight with a simple and rapid 2-day HiChIP workflow
  4. Flexible Sample Types - The Arima-HiChIP assay works optimally on mammalian primary cells and cell lines
  5. Customer Validated - External assay validation at multiple labs by multiple investigators