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Research Grant

2021 Promoter Capture Research Grant

Call for Applications

Arima Genomics is pleased to announce that applications are now open for our 2021 Promoter Capture Hi-C Research Grant. To apply, submit an abstract of 500 words or less detailing your research objectives and motivation. 

Abstracts will be evaluated in a blind review process by a group of Arima scientists based on the following criteria: novelty of proposal, scientific impact, and likelihood of success. 

One grant recipient will receive a free Arima Promoter Capture Bundle, which includes:

  • Arima-HiC+ sample prep kit
  • Arima Promoter Capture module
  • Arima Library Prep module

Promoter Capture Research Grant Application

Applications are due by October 1, 2021.

Arima Promoter Capture Panel


The Arima Promoter Capture panel is built on the Arima Capture-HiC+ platform technology and enables researchers to characterize the regulatory landscape of their samples. While genome-wide Hi-C provides a global framework of genome organization, capture Hi-C shines when it comes to targeted analysis, like:

  • Mapping 3D regulatory landscape of samples and tissues
  • Linking human disease-associated variants to their target genes
  • Characterizing regulatory elements tied to promoter targets

To learn more, visit the promoter capture Hi-C product page